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15 Best U.S. Cities to Invest in Real Estate: 2022

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A report released this week by CrowdStreet, a real estate investing marketplace, lists the best places to invest in 2022.

“We take all property types into account since the deals on our platform cover private real estate opportunities in all multifamily and commercial real estate sectors,” CrowdStreet’s chief investment officer, Ian Formigle, said in a statement. 

“But to make the top 20, a market must consistently rank highly across multiple real estate classes.” 

The report also breaks down the best places to invest in seven property sectors: multifamily, build-to-rent, industrial, office, hotel, retail and life sciences.

CrowdStreet’s investment team ranks markets based on 28 key indicators across the key dimensions of micro- and macroeconomic factors, geographic factors, market dynamics, quality-of-life measures and tax/regulatory factors. 

No single market on the new list possessed all 28 of these attributes; some exhibited higher levels of certain attributes and lower levels of others. In addition, some attributes were more relevant to certain properties than others. 

Highly rated school districts generally matter a lot to multifamily and build-to-rent, but little to industrial real estate, for instance. 

And certain attributes carried heavier weight in the analysis than others — high population growth and job rates over entertainment amenities, for example. 

See the gallery for the 15 best places to invest in real estate in 2022.