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11 Dreams to Motivate Your Client to Invest

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Investing is abstract. It’s not easy to “pay yourself last” when there are cool things to spend money on right now. Many people avoid thinking about saving for retirement until the last minute.

Investing is your passion. It’s one of the reasons you got into the business. How can you make investing your client’s passion, too?

One strategy is to set a grand and lofty goal that is really cool, too. It’s the type of reward they would give themselves if they won the lottery. It’s out of reach now, but if they applied themselves and disciplined their spending, it might be theirs someday. They can pin a picture on the wall over their desk.

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Bryce Sanders is president of Perceptive Business Solutions Inc. He provides HNW client acquisition training for the financial services industry. His book, “Captivating the Wealthy Investor,” is available on Amazon.