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10 Easy Ways to Refill Your Prospect Pool in 2021

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It’s 2021. We are still working from home under pandemic restrictions. A new year has started yet the virus said: “Not so fast.” You need more prospects. Your business plan has a big empty space that needs completion. Where will they come from?

What you Can and Can’t Do Right This Minute

Let’s look at the rules you need to follow.

You Can:

  • Call people
  • Send emails
  • Send texts (firm permitting)
  • Use social media
  • Write letters 
  • Send faxes (Do people do that anymore?)

You Can’t:

  • Invite people into your office
  • Enter their home or office
  • Engage in networking activities like Chamber events
  • Attend community group functions
  • Start conversations with strangers on the train or the gym.

Let’s look at ways you can raise your visibility. The idea is people should know who you are, what you do and why you are good.

In the gallery above are some suggestions for connecting with different types of prospects from the comfort of your home office. They shouldn’t be intrusive. In many cases they are concerned and kind. You will know the right time to bring up business.

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