12. Global X Cloud Computing ETF (CLOU)

YTD return: 36.03%
Issuer: Mirae Assets
Inception date: 4/12/19
AUM: $814.6 million
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11. Amplify Online Retail ETF (IBUY)

YTD return: 36.83%
Issuer: Amplify
Inception date: 4/20/16
AUM: $522.7 million
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10. KraneShares MSCI All China Health Care Index ETF (KURE)

YTD return: 37.86%
Issuer: CCIC
Inception date: 2/1/18
AUM: $79.3 million
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9. First Trust Dow Jones International Internet ETF (FDNI)

YTD return: 38%
Issuer: First Trust
Inception date: 11/5/18
AUM: $18.7 million
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8. Global X Video Games & Esports ETF (HERO)

YTD return: 41.04%
Issuer: Mirae Asset
Inception date: 10/25/19
AUM: $121.9 million
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7. ProShares Online Retail ETF (ONLN)

YTD return: 42.2%
Issuer: ProShares
Inception date: 7/13/18
AUM: $180.7 million
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6. ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK)

YTD return: 42.48%
Issuer: ARK
Inception date: 10/31/14
AUM: $5 billion
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5. O’Shares Global Internet Giants ETF (OGIG)

YTD return: 45.1%
Issuer: O’Shares Investments
Inception date: 6/5/18
AUM: $284.3 million
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4. ARK Next Generation Internet ETF (ARKW)

YTD return: 47.33%
Issuer: ARK
Inception date: 9/29/14
AUM: $1.4 billion
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3. ProShares Long Online/Short Stores ETF (CLIX)

YTD return: 48.32%
Issuer: ProShares
Inception date: 11/14/17
AUM: $192.1 million
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2. WisdomTree Cloud Computing Fund (WCLD)

YTD return: 52.49%
Issuer: WisdomTree
Inception date: 9/6/19
AUM: $439.2 million
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1. ARK Genomic Revolution (ARKG)

YTD return: 55.61%
Issuer: ARK
Inception date: 10/31/14
AUM: $1.4 billion
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The first half of 2020 — marked by the onset of the coronavirus pandemic — hurt most, but not all, companies.

But don’t look to the S&P 500, which declined by a relatively modest 3.1%, for evidence of the widespread damage, Sumit Roy, analyst and senior staff writer for ETF.com and ETF Report, wrote in a recent blog post.

Instead, look at the Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight ETF, which was down 10.8% — maybe “a better indicator of this widespread damage,” he wrote.

Worse still were the losses incurred by these exchange-traded funds:

  • Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund: down 34.6%
  • Financials Select Sector SPDR Fund: down 23.7%
  • Industrials Select Sector SPDR Fund: down 14.6%

Not all companies have suffered during the downturn, according to Roy. Some sectors — communication services, consumer discretionary, technology — are buoying the S&P 500  Index, offsetting the losses in other areas.

Roy noted that at the end of June, shares of Apple, Amazon, Zoom and others had hit new all-time highs.

“It’s an unusual situation: These companies are actually thriving in what is an extremely negative environment for most businesses,” he wrote.

Many ETFs with concentrated positions in these sectors have gained 30% or more year to date.

Check out the gallery to see the top-performing ETFs in the first half, according to ETF.com. See the rest of the list here.

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