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Top Women in WealthTech 2020: Hilda Wong-Doo of Fidelity

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Accomplishment(s): Fidelity has long offered integrations, and our integration platform offering is very broad. We also have a very diverse client base with complex needs and priorities.

My team is focused on making it easier for our clients and third parties to maximize how they use the technology we offer, and really develop the platforms that are right for them.

Integration Xchange, which launched just over a year ago, is a big part of that. It’s a place where our clients and third-party technologists can go to explore and build solutions that meet their business needs.

Thinking outside the box from all aspects was and continues to be important. Integration Xchange is geared towards technologists, which means every single person involved in our delivery can provide great feedback on our user experience and new ideas. That’s been very unique and valuable.

Advice for those starting out: First, make sure to network with the goal of really learning from others.

Many people only actively network when they are contemplating a new job, but networking is a great way to stay current and learn how others are solving for the challenges they’re facing. Remember that networking is a two-way street. You’re there to learn, but don’t forget that you can bring insights and knowledge to the table in return.

Second, follow your passion, even if you’re not as confident in those areas as you are in your current role. You can always learn new skills, and that’s another reason why networking is so important. The people in your network can help you develop new areas of expertise.

Sources of insights and inspiration: I try to meet with as many people as I can. That includes our clients, technologists around the industry, my team and network, and more.

You can learn so much in a conversation. I also read a lot — newspapers, magazines, white papers, history, you name it. I prefer reading over video, so I will even read the transcript of a TED Talk.