10. Mastiff Gem │ $1.5 million
Chris Brown gave a Tibetan mastiff to his daughter one Christmas after forking over $1.5 million big ones. Lest you doubt, these dogs are usually expensive—in 2014 one was sold at auction for even more: $2 million.
9. The Waterfall │ $1.6 million
So before they split up, knowing Brad Pitt’s passion for all things architectural—especially Frank Lloyd Wright architecture—Angelina Jolie gave him a plot of land, complete with waterfall, so he could recreate Wright’s masterpiece home Falling Water. (Photo: Bloomberg)
8. White Christmas │ $2 million
Aaron Spelling could afford to deck his Beverly Hills home with real snow for his kids for Christmas—after all, if he could create The Love Boat, Charlie’s Angels, Dynasty and Beverly Hills, why not White Christmas? By the way, his daughter Tori did it again in 2009 for her own children.
7. The Gold Bathtub │ $2.3 million
Yes, a 24-karat-gold bathtub was actually a gift from Mike Tyson to wife Robin Givens in the days before they split up. If you wonder how Tyson could've dropped $2.3 million on a tub, bear in mind that his assets used to hover around $300 million.
6. The Boucheron Necklace (and more) │ $3 million
David Beckham certainly bent his checkbook back in 2005, when he gave wife Victoria a plethora of pricey baubles—among them a Boucheron ruby and diamond necklace for $2.4 million and a custom-built $500,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom.


5. Sanford Weil’s Former Manhattan Home │ $88 million
Yeah, so this one’s a little over the top. But what do you expect from a Russian billionaire who has to buy his 22-year-old daughter a little something at Christmas to cheer her up while she’s away from home? Of course, it does overlook Central Park West….
4. Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewelry Collection │ $116 million
Liz’s famous treasures, all those love tokens from hubby Richard Burton and others, went up for auction in 2011 and were snapped up by a South Korean representative who bought it on behalf of a conglomerate wanting to follow up on its previous purchase of Jacqueline Onassis memorabilia.
3. Art Collection │ $200 million
Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich wanted to show his former wife Dasha Zhukova how he felt about her, so he took time off from his football club Chelsea to pick up a few little things. The collection includes pieces by Giacometti, Lucian Freud and Ilya Kabakov, each worth millions. (Photo: Bloomberg)
2. Star of the East and the Hope Diamond │ $250 million+
Evalyn Walsh McLean, already a mining heiress, scored, not only with her father, who bought her the 94.8-carat Star of the East diamond, but her husband, too, who later bought her the 45.52-carat Hope Diamond. Evalyn loved her jewels, and her dogs, since in her old age she’d let her favorite dog wear one of the stones.
1. The Orlov Diamond │ Priceless
This little chunk of carbon once belonged to Empress Catherine the Great (another Russian with a taste for gems). Her lover Count Orlov managed to secure the stone for her, hence its name—all 189.62 carats of it—and she had it mounted in the royal scepter. Now that’s a Christmas gift!


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At a loss for ideas when you go Christmas shopping? Couldn’t find what you wanted on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Just be grateful you won’t have to face the bills that the buyers of these gifts had to pay when January rolls around, according to FinancesOnline.

But then, they could afford it, unlike most people whose lot does not run to megamansions, uberyachts for jaunts to their private islands for the weekend or even ventures into outer space, with or without SpaceX. For those of us who try to stick to budgets and maybe even did most of our holiday shopping last January, not in our wildest dreams could we afford to give—or even get close to—any of these gifts, except maybe in a museum.

Still, it’s fun to dream. And if the visions that dance in your head on Christmas eve run more to diamonds and rubies than sugarplums, if what you envision circling the tree on Christmas morning is a real train, steam, preferably fully restored, around a grove of Colorado blue spruces maybe in Colorado—or would you rather it be at Lake Louise?—and if your preferred Hannukah gifts are real gold coins and not the foil-wrapped chocolate ones, you might find some solace in knowing that somewhere, sometime, the following 10 extravagances, graced someone’s holiday, making it ever so special.

See the gallery above to get some ideas for Christmas.

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