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10 of the World’s Ridiculously Expensive Christmas Gifts

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At a loss for ideas when you go Christmas shopping? Couldn’t find what you wanted on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Just be grateful you won’t have to face the bills that the buyers of these gifts had to pay when January rolls around, according to FinancesOnline.

But then, they could afford it, unlike most people whose lot does not run to megamansions, uberyachts for jaunts to their private islands for the weekend or even ventures into outer space, with or without SpaceX. For those of us who try to stick to budgets and maybe even did most of our holiday shopping last January, not in our wildest dreams could we afford to give—or even get close to—any of these gifts, except maybe in a museum.

Still, it’s fun to dream. And if the visions that dance in your head on Christmas eve run more to diamonds and rubies than sugarplums, if what you envision circling the tree on Christmas morning is a real train, steam, preferably fully restored, around a grove of Colorado blue spruces maybe in Colorado—or would you rather it be at Lake Louise?—and if your preferred Hannukah gifts are real gold coins and not the foil-wrapped chocolate ones, you might find some solace in knowing that somewhere, sometime, the following 10 extravagances, graced someone’s holiday, making it ever so special.

See the gallery above to get some ideas for Christmas.

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