15. Debit Card | What is a debit card? What is the difference between a debit card and a credit card? | 3,600 searches | Delaware, Vermont

14. Savings Account | How much money do you need to open a savings account? Should I have a savings account? | 14,800 searches | Illinois, New York

13. Line of Credit | How do you use a line of credit? Can I get a line of credit? | 18,100 searches | Hawaii, Kansas, Virginia

12. Budget Planner | What is a budget? What are the benefits of budgeting? | 27,100 searches | Louisiana, South Carolina, Texas

11. Foreclosure | What is a foreclosure? What does it mean when a home is in foreclosure? | 60,500 searches | 16 states

10. Debt Consolidation | What is debt consolidation? Should I consolidate my debt? | 90,500 searches | New Jersey

9. Cash Advance | What is a cash advance? How do I get a cash advance? | 110,000 searches | California

8. Interest Rates | What are interest rates? How do interest rates work? | 110,000 searches | 10 states

7. Compound Interest Calculator | What is compound interest? How can I earn compound interest? | 165,000 searches | Minnesota

6. Credit Union | What is a credit union? Can I join a credit union? | 301,000 searches | Colorado, North Carolina, Wisconsin

5. 401(k) | What is a 401(k)? Is a 401(k) the same as an IRA? | 301,000 searches | Massachusetts, Connecticut

4. Payday Loans | How do payday loans work? Do I qualify for a payday loan? | 368,000 searches | Georgia

3. Car Loan Calculator | What is a car loan? How do auto loans work? | 568,100 searches | New Hampshire

2. Mortgage Calculator | What is a mortgage? Is a mortgage the same as a home loan? | 2,300,500 searches | Maine, Pennsylvania

1. Student Loans | How do student loans work? What is FAFSA? | 2,441,000 searches | Maryland, New Mexico

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Becoming financially literate goes a long way toward achieving financial security, and Google is increasingly facilitating this process for many Americans.

Whether it’s financing a new home or worrying about losing one to foreclosure, paying for higher education, saving for retirement, wondering how interest rates work or trying to make ends meet, people need knowledge and information.

Liberty Bank for Savings recently examined the most searched financial topics across the country, and compared these to see which ones were most searched per state.

The volume of searches indicates that some topics are on the minds of people nationwide — buying a home or a car — even if they peaked in a couple of states.

Other topics have fewer searches but are spread across many states, for example, concerns about losing homes or businesses in rural areas of the Midwest and West.

What’s clear, Liberty Bank said in a statement, is that “people across the country have their mind on their money and money on their mind.”

The bank used the Google Adwords Keyword Planner to compile data on searches from June 2017 to June 2018.

Check out the gallery for the top-of-mind financial questions people are seeking answers to on Google, and the states in which these questions are of most concern.