10. Peru | Peru, with its low-cost living and vibrant and diverse attractions, comes in at number 10 in 2018. This is the first time Peru has made the top 10. | Final score: 82.8 (Photo: AP)
9. Spain | According to Glynna Prentice, an International Living editor, Spain’s miles of beach and warm coastal climate mean there are plenty of places to enjoy a seaside lifestyle, as well as temperate weather, pretty much year-round. | Final score: 83.6 (Photo: AP)
8. Nicaragua | For expats looking for a tropical locale where their dollar will go far, Nicaragua deserves attention, according to Scott Hed, International Living Nicaragua contributor. | Final score: 83.9
7. Portugal | One factor that makes Portugal attractive to retirees is its affordable lifestyle, according to Tricia Pimental, International Living’s Portugal correspondent. | Final score: 85.5 (Photo: AP)
6. Colombia | Colombia, which falls one spot from last year’s list, still ranks high as a place for healthy living. | Final score: 85.7


5. Malaysia | On bang for buck, Malaysia is hard to beat, according to Keith Hockton, International Living’s Malaysia correspondent. | Final score: 87.7
4. Ecuador | Ecuador, with its history-filled colonial cities, mountain villages and coastal towns, has become a retirement hot spot among North Americans. | Final score: 88.3
3. Panama | Panama dropped a spot from No. 2 last year, but it remains near the top of the list. | Final score: 91.1
2. Mexico | International Living’s Mexico editor, Glynna Prentice, moved to Mexico more than 10 years ago for its convenient location and low cost of living. Mexico, which topped the list last year, comes in at number two in 2018. | Final score: 91.2 (Photo: AP)
1. Costa Rica | Costa Rica, the winner of the International Living 2018 Global Retirement Index, has been a perennial presence in the index – and this year it climbed from fourth place to the top. | Final score: 91.3


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International Living has once again put out its list of the world’s best places to retire.

InternationalLiving.com’s recently released 2018 Global Retirement Index ranks the world’s top 24 retirement destinations outside the United States and Canada.

The key aim of the index is to help retirees find locations where their dollar goes further.

The 2018 index includes ratings in 12 categories – two more than in years past.

In this year’s index, International Living split up the “buying and renting” category into two separate categories: “buying and investing” and “renting.”

The new category on this year’s index is “governance.” According to International Living, “a good score in this category reflect’s a nation’s commitment to personal freedom, keeping bureaucracy to a minimum, and offering a stable and safe environment for comfortable living.”

The remaining categories ranked on the index include benefits and discounts, visas and residence, cost of living, fitting in, entertainment and amenities, health care, healthy lifestyle, development and climate.

“By design, the rankings in our annual Global Retirement Index are largely subjective, but we build it from a base of facts and figures,” Jennifer Stevens, International Living executive editor, said in a statement. “Our editors rely on the informed judgment and real-world experience of the magazine’s contributors and editors in the field as well as additional in-country expats … people who have made the move and have firsthand experience.”

So check out  the world’s top 10 retirement destinations in the gallery above.

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