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Case design and support trump compensation

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That’s a great question.

Where I would start if I were evaluating prospective marketing organizations is I would present a case to two or three IMOs. Give them a situation and ask which products and solutions they would provide and how they would support the case. That way you can have a comparison among the different IMOs you are considering. At the same time, ask them how they can help you at the point of sale. 

From there it falls into those other questions about compensation, which is going to vary from IMO to IMO on how aggressive they want to be. You can also ask whether they give breaks on commissions at a certain level of premium or targeted premium.

But, I’d be most concerned with case design and the sales support they put behind it. Just because somebody gives you an illustration doesn’t mean they are the right partner. If they aren’t going to coach you, the other stuff is not as important.