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4 things top salespeople never say

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During my tenure as a sales trainer, I’ve had the good fortune of working with hundreds of salespeople. One thing I’ve noticed is that top-performing salespeople speak differently than their less-successful counterparts.

Here are a few things I’ve never heard a great salesperson say:

1.     “The economy is preventing me from hitting my targets.” The economy may not have fully recovered, but plenty of buyers and decision-makers are making purchases. The key is to give them a compelling reason and to demonstrate exactly how they will benefit from your solution.

2.     “What will it take to earn your business?” I can’t believe how many salespeople ask this question. My knee-jerk response is to think “If you do your job properly and I need your solution, I will buy from you.” Salespeople earn business by clearly demonstrating an understanding of their prospects’ needs, wants and unique situations and positioning their solutions accordingly.

3.     “Is price the only thing holding you back?” I shudder every time I hear this. So many salespeople assume that price is the primary reason people make buying decisions. Although price is a factor in every sale, it’s seldom the primary motivating factor. However, if you bring up price early on, it’ll become a focal point of the sales conversation.

4.     “What do you know about us?” You might think this is a great way to start a conversation about your company. But telling is not selling. It’s much more effective to ask people questions and engage them in a dialogue.

Great salespeople don’t waste time on negative thinking, making excuses or aspects of selling which are beyond their control. Instead, they focus on the steps they can take toward achieving their ambitious goals.

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