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Mariner Holdings Acquires Flyover Capital

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“Flyover Country” is what some may call the oft-overlooked area between the West and East coasts. Especially when technology is considered.

Mariner Holdings overlooks the Midwest no more with its acquisition of Flyover Capital Partners, the independent financial services firm announced on Monday.

The Kansas City-based Flyover Capital focuses on investment opportunities in early stage technology companies in the Midwest that are building long-term, sustainable businesses.

Flyover Capital joins Montage Investments, a subsidiary of Mariner Holdings, as its newest asset management affiliate.

“The partnership with Flyover Capital is the result of an increasing need among our clients for greater access to early stage venture investment opportunities,” said Martin C. Bicknell, chief executive officer of Mariner Holdings, in a statement.

Flyover Capital will participate in the rapid growth of early-stage technology companies in emerging areas, such as mobile, health care and agricultural technology that are located in what the team refers to as “flyover country.”

“We’ve seen exciting innovation coming out of the Midwest over the last several years and have been looking for the right way to assist clients who wish to participate in the growth of Midwestern companies,” Bicknell said in a statement. “Flyover Capital is one of few firms that understands and focuses specifically on this market opportunity, and I am thrilled to bring these capabilities to our clients through this new partnership.”

When most people think of technology opportunities, Tom DeBacco, a general partner at Flyover Capital, says they think of the Silicon Valley or the East Coast.

“However, there has been a huge void of institutional, early-stage capital for the growing number of opportunities here in the Midwest,” DeBacco said in a statement. “Over the last several years, there has been an incredible amount of investment in our infrastructure, from education to technology accelerators and incubators spawning great business ideas. The Midwest enjoys some of the most favorable state and local economic environments and can provide great platforms for investors and portfolio companies that are unique to this region of the country. We’re excited about the activity taking place in the Midwest, and we are glad to be able to support start-ups in our own backyard.”

The management team at Flyover Capital, which consists of DeBacco, Thad Langford, Keith Molzer and Michael Peck, has either previously worked at or started their own technology companies and managed venture funds. Flyover Capital also cites the management’s state-based economic development and corporate technology venture experience as an added access to policymakers and potential partners.

With this acquisition, Flyover Capital will have access to Montage’s team of 38 dedicated sales professionals – as well as support from additional associates in the areas of finance, operations, human resources, information technology, compliance and legal. By doing this, Mariner gives Flyover Capital’s professionals the ability to focus on managing assets with few distractions.

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