Bill Gross, Barry Ritholtz, Binyamin Applebaum and more. (Photo: AP)

As conflicts raged in Ukraine and Gaza in July and a Malaysia Airlines passenger plane was shot down over a Ukrainian war zone, the financial Twitterverse sought distraction through other burning questions.

For example, how many bitcoin entrepreneurs can you fit on one tiny couch? And who picks out Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen’s outfits for major speeches?

At the end of the month, wannabe chartered financial analysts bit their nails waiting for their CFA exam results. Most were disappointed: 42% of test takers passed Level 1, and 46% passed Level 2.

Meanwhile, analyst Jesse Colombo found a new bubble indicator at Banana Republic, venture capitalist Paul Kedrosky took a nervous look at his pants, and Barry Ritholtz hoped there would still be financial markets left to write about when he got back from vacation.

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