LeBron James of the Miami Heat (not necessarily an Octagon client). (Photo: AP)

If you’re a professional athlete or entertainer (and really, who among us isn’t?), Octagon Financial Services may be the firm for you.

The specialty advisor firm counts Olympic gold medalists, NBA, NHL and MLB All-Stars, and NFL Super Bowl champions as clients. And it’s now announced a partnership with Dynasty Financial Partners to increase its open-architecture platform offerings.

Dynasty spokeswoman Sally Cates stressed that Dynasty is not an acquisition or “rollup” firm, in that it does not take an equity position in the firms with which it partners. Rather, it is a network of independent financial advisors that benefit from the firm’s platform.

Octagon claims to be the world’s largest sports and entertainment management and marketing company with 30 years of industry experience. A key component of the agency’s offering is its in-house financial services division, known for its expertise in serving the unique financial needs of the professional athlete and entertainer. In choosing Dynasty’s customized investment platform and reporting tools, OFS looks to “[continue] its leadership position in the industry.”

 “Our clients generate a lifetime of earnings over a short period of time,” Jan Plewes, managing director of OFS, said in a statement. “For 30 years, we have helped them manage their wealth—from first contract signing through retirement and beyond. We feel that Dynasty expands our investment platform and delivers top-level execution in one customized, integrated package.”

More specifically, OFS provides strategic financial planning, investment advice, bill paying and many other concierge-like services to professional athletes and entertainers, helping them manage their daily lives away from the field or studio.

“For our clients, capital preservation and financial planning are the most crucial elements,” said Frank Zecca, one of the agency’s senior vice presidents. “Their peak earning years typically occur at a very young age, and their assets have to provide security far after their careers come to an end. This requires thoughtful management, budgeting and investment expertise. It is our job to make sure that our clients are in a position to support their families and maintain their standard of living throughout their lifetime, and ultimately create a legacy for many generations to come.”