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How has technology affected the way your advisor does business?

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He uses his computer to make presentations with graphs of our holdings, etc. They’re pretty fancy-looking. Sometimes we need him to explain what it all means. They have pie charts on them showing how our estate is growing and whatnot. He emails, too, and sends us websites and other things when he wants us to know about something.
Louise, 83, Nichols Hills, Okla.

Our advisor is very up to date on the technology. He has all the latest devices. He works out of his home to keep his costs down and does a lot through email. He has a monthly newsletter he sends out to his clients via email. I don’t always get around to reading it—don’t tell him! He has even had us sign documents through email, things you would have had to do in person before. So that’s been a real time saver.
John, 75, Cherry Hills, Colo.

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Our advisor is a lovely young lady. Boy, is she ever sharp! She told us awhile back that she wanted us to decide what level of technology we were comfortable with and she would adjust to it. We’re not afraid of technology the way some people are, but, still, we asked her to please send us paper statements. It’s one less thing to worry about—I hate trying to print things. We have email, too, so we told her that would be fine, but we really like that she didn’t force anything on us.
Makelina, 85 , Honolulu

I sometimes think that technology and the Internet have taken something out of our relationship with our advisor. He’s pretty young, so he has all the phones and things that they have. He’s pretty understanding that we sometimes just want to look him in the eye. It’s hard to tell when you’re getting a straight deal from someone when you can’t look them in the eye, you know what I mean? Also, he has a program that makes reports that he prints out for us to keep.
Mary Jane, 78, Brookline, Mass.