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12 Questions for 1 Successful LTCI Agent: Brad Boswell

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Brad Boswell is a native son of San Diego, where he still resides.  He is one of five original inductees to the ACSIA Long Term Care Blue Blazer Club, a group for producers with in-force long-term care insurance (LTCi) books of at least $1 million. Boswell has over $2 million of business in force.  He is a Certified Senior Advisor.

1. How many phone calls do you make a week to set appointments?

Probably between 250 to 300 dials. I probably reach about 40 to 50 people.

2. How old were you when you bought your own LTCi?

38 years.

3.    What’s YOUR LTC plan? (Plan. Not insurance.)

Well, I have substantial resources and a big policy, and an annuity. I have no children, and have family members that could coordinate care. I’m only 1.5 miles from the hospital. I’d hire professional caregivers, and move my bedroom downstairs. That room overlooks the pool, waterfall and gardens. There’s lots of shade. 

4. What LTCi policy do you sell the most these days and why? 

I sell a lot of Genworth CA Partnership with a 4-year benefit (they don’t have a 5-year), including 0-day home care and survivorship rider. It seems to be the best bang for the buck. I have the same policy that I sell people.

5. How many claims have you seen? 


6. Think back to when you graduated. What did you plan to be then?

I graduated from UCLA, class of 1982, I was trained as a money manager and worked at Dean Witter until 1990. Then I went into John Hancock’s bond desk and sold my first LTCi policy in June 1994.

The impetus was this: April 1, 1993, California Gov. Pete Wilson added home care and board and care provisions to policies, so now we had all the types of care covered.  I thought, “There’s 1,001 stock brokers,” and I was sick of the up and down of market volatility; I’ve been happy in LTCi since. I came over to ACSIA Jan. 2, 1998, and it’s been a great place for me to be.

7.  What hobby do you most enjoy or would you like to try next?

I’m an outdoorsman: hunting, fishing, white-water rafting, hiking, mountain-biking.

8. What is your favorite drink?

Coffee or red wine.

9. What makes you happy?

I enjoy going to the gym, getting the endorphins moving. 

I’m a student of politics; I spend a lot of time reading websites and writing. I like watching people achieve things. I love live theater. I like the outdoors with no cell phones, nature, the birds chirping. I do a lot of big trips, hunting on other continents, when I don’t answer the phone for two or three weeks. The back room at ACSIA handles all underwriting and client queries while I’m gone – it’s seamless.

10. Can you share a resource, service, program, software, etc. or two that has been critical to your success? 

Well, Stratecision has been very helpful. Also, the webinar/slide show put together by ACSIA for the screen-share selling has been great. People feel less intruded upon for a face-to-face webinar than when you’re in person asking for the sale. Now 80% to 90% of my presentations are over the computer.

11. IPhone, Blackberry or other?

Verizon Droid 4G.

12. How many more years do you see yourself doing this? 

Well, y’know, I’m going to see where I’m at in 8 years (age 60). Renewals are fun; and the business keeps me active. I can stay at home and not leave if I don’t want to.