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Sales Trouble? Try Viewing It from a Different Angle

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When my first daughter was two or three years old, I remember taking the time to watch a caterpillar crawl along a sidewalk. We studied that bug for an eternity until she stepped on it and killed it (just kidding!).

Several years later, my second daughter and I lay down on the grass behind our apartment building and spent a long time staring into the sky. We looked at the clouds and watched them as they drifted by.

Both situations gave me a different perspective on something I had seen hundreds of times. A different perspective can be healthy in sales, too.

Sometimes we encounter a situation that we haven’t dealt with before. Or, something changes midway through an existing sales conversation/process, and we don’t know how to manage that change. It can be helpful to get a different perspective.

Have you created a network of people you can approach who will give you honest, open feedback? I have several good friends and a great business partner (a.k.a. my wife) with whom I can discuss problems, challenges and obstacles.

Their viewpoints and insights help me see my problems from a different perspective. They can’t always offer a solution, but they usually ask me questions that help me discover an answer that has been evading me.

Sometimes, you don’t have time to consult with others, so here’s another approach that I have suggested in my sales-training workshops from time to time:

Write the challenge or problem at the top of a sheet of paper. Below that write “what if…” Then, for three minutes, record every thought that pops into your head. Don’t edit those thoughts. Don’t filter them. Allow the ideas to flow as freely as possible.

A few years ago, I was searching for ways to improve an existing sales training program that I taught on a regular basis. I listed the title of each of the seven program modules on a separate sheet of paper and brainstormed ideas.

Admittedly, some of the ideas were ludicrous and harebrained. But, I also generated some excellent thoughts that helped me reformat the program and improve its effectiveness.

Getting a different perspective can help you increase your sales, improve your approach and find creative ways to solve whatever problem you might be struggling with.

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