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6 signs you are a sales zombie

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Do you make frequent assumptions? Do you often refer to the “good ol’ days” of sales? Are you using the same pitch with every customer? If so, you might be a sales zombie.

1. You pitch your most popular/latest product. The latest product with all the bells and whistles has finally been released so let’s suggest that product to all of our prospects and customers even though it may not be appropriate. At least they’ll know about it, right?

2. You don’t clarify objections. You’ve been selling so long that you “know” what someone means when they say, “It’s too expensive” or “Let me think about it.” As a result, you just plunge ahead and rebut the objection hoping that you will overcome it.

3. You have stopped learning. “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is your favorite motto. Besides, you don’t need to learn anything other than the basics of your newest products.

4. You believe that sales is a numbers game. The more calls you make, the more sales you make. While this may be true, your time is valuable and you can invest it more effectively. Focus on talking to high-value prospects instead of pitching to anyone who will listen or that you connect with.

5. You think that price is a buying motivator. Let’s face it; most buying decisions are made based on the price of a product or service. People don’t care about value so let’s just offer a discount and move on.

6. You think that social media is just a fad. Who needs to blog, podcast or produce webinars, or create a business presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or other social media sites? Besides, I don’t have time to engage in this social chit-chat; I’d rather make cold calls and appointments.

If you want to succeed in today’s sales environment and increase your sales, it is critical that you avoid becoming a sales zombie.