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Would you consider moving to an assisted living community?

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We have some friends who moved to one of those places last year. They love it and we’ve been to visit them once or twice. We were impressed by the place. It wasn’t like I’d imagined: There’s a pool, and they get their own apartment. They even have a housekeeping service. All their meals are taken care of. We were surprised when they told us they were moving there; they’re both in prime health. But they were able to sell their house quickly, and they’re very happy there. Yes, I would consider it.
-Madeline, 68, Las Cruces, N.M.

Yes, we are planning to do that at some point. We’re on a waiting list for a very nice facility–I don’t even like to call it that because it’s really more like a resort or something–but they have various levels of assistance. There’s a hospital real close. I took a tumble a couple of years ago and needed a hip replacement, which was really hard on my husband because he’s no spring chicken, either! So we’d like to get in somewhere so if something like that happens again, we would be taken care of.
-Ruth, 71, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Those places are pretty pricey, I’m told. I’d much rather be invited to come and live with my niece. She’s been so wonderful over the years and she has two grown kids. My wife died eight years ago, so I’ve been living alone since then. It’s hard–I get lonesome sometimes. But my niece is a wonderful lady. She comes to see me most weekends to bring me groceries and stuff I need. I wouldn’t want to be a burden, but I know she’d take great care of me.
-Richard, 76, Lansing, Mich.

My husband and I moved to a senior community about three years ago. My husband suffers from Parkinson’s disease, so it was essential that we find a good place. He’s still able to do most of his daily living tasks, but sometimes he needs a lot of help. We’re able to continue living together while he gets the care he needs. And I know that when it’s my turn, I won’t end up in a nursing home. I can stay here. We think it’s terrific and have made a lot of new friends. They throw some great parties here!
-Sadie, 72, Philadelphia