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How to get on talk radio

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talk radioRadio is still a medium that can create local celebrity status in a short amount of time. Financial talk shows are and will continue to be in high demand. I have helped financial advisors produce many talk shows that are still on the air today. These “everyday” advisors are now celebrities within their communities.

One way to get on the air is by contacting a local talk show station, usually an AM station, and explore its interest in having a one-hour financial call-in show. Give the producers a CD of a financial talk show broadcast in the U.S. and discuss the benefits of producing a similar program.

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An alternative to a live talk show is to produce a three-minute broadcast or vignette to be aired each weekday at the same time. Team up with another financial professional and record two weeks’ worth of vignettes. Record at the radio station, so no outside recording costs are incurred. Once you have 60 good vignettes, you can rotate these out, making minor changes and recording a few new ones when appropriate.

Here are some pointers for once you have landed a gig:

  1. You should be able to convince the station to let you do the show for free for four to 12 weeks while they measure its popularity.
  2. If they charge you a nominal fee, the agreement should be renegotiated as the show becomes more popular.
  3. While you get established, you may have to ask friends, family, clients and associates to call in with questions.
  4. Talk show hosts can easily accumulate many prospects by offering to include the listener in their e-mail communications. Simply tell the listeners to call a voicemail phone number with their name and contact information or to request a personal meeting.
  5. You may want to have a theme to talk about for the first few weeks as the show takes off. In my experience, wealth, retirement and investment issues are much more popular than insurance.
  6. Your compliance department will need to be notified that you have a call-in radio show.