It seems Americans are more worried about their assets than their abs. Allianz released its second annual New Year's Resolution survey Tuesday, which found 44% of Americans say they are likely to use a financial advisor's services in 2011, compared with just 26% who said they would use a personal trainer.

That may seem like good news for advisors, but just one-third of respondents said they will "actually include a financial plan in their list of 2011 resolutions." It may be comforting to know few people avoid making a plan out of fear; just 6% said it was too complex, and 4% said it was too scary. The main reason respondents are not resolving to make a financial plan is that they "don't make enough money to worry about it" (34%).

When asked which resolution they were most likely to actually keep, 39% said they would do a better job managing their money, just slightly below those who said they would improve their diet and exercise habits (40%).

Jobs are the top priority for respondents this year; 50% said the government should focus on reducing unemployment in 2011, down three percentage points from last year. Thirty-five percent say the government should focus on fixing the country's finances, up from 32% in 2009.