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Seminars 101

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Rule #1: Know your material cold
Be so totally confident in your material so that your passion overcomes your instinctive nervousness.

Rule #2: Arrive 90 minutes early
The hundred variables that make up a great event could decide to conspire against you at the same time, and if you show up 10 minutes before you’re scheduled to speak, you’re out of luck!

Rule #3: Make your guests feel welcomed
As the host, it is your job to make people as comfortable and happy as possible. This means a warm greeting at the door, escorting them to their seat, handling special requests, and making sure they can see the screen, among others.

Rule #4: Keep it simple
You must learn how to explain things in simple terms if you want your guests to grasp your message. This means using stories with simple morals, common analogies, easy-to-read graphs and charts and other visuals to make your talk accessible to civilians.

Rule #5: Don’t sell products…sell yourself
You are the only sale that should be made at a seminar. Even if you are not a comprehensive financial planner, and use seminars to sell your one product, chances are you are not the only person they can buy from. Use your dynamic to connect to the crowd and they will choose your product because of you!

Rule #6: Get the audience involved and have fun
Audience participation helps people understand complex concepts and it can be fun too. Try incorporating a game such as The Price Was Right, in which you compare prices “now and then” of common items like cars, bread, milk, stamps, etc. This game in particular drives home critical points about inflation and everyone has a laugh.

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