Responding to consumer demand for fixed annuity products, Aviva has introduced the new MultiChoice Fixed Indexed Annuity Series for 2010, which includes four new options, each featuring a simple design.

Features of the new 2010 MultiChoice Fixed Indexed Annuity Series include:

  • A 6-year and a 10-year non-bonus product, an 8% premium bonus product and a 5% first year interest bonus product
  • Optional 7.2% LifetimePay Plus Income Rider
  • Confinement Income Doubler on the Income Rider
  • Checkbook Access
  • 5% free withdrawals in Year 1
  • 10% free withdrawals after Year 1
  • 100% Confinement and Terminal Illness waivers
  • No commission chargeback upon death

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