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Phoenix launches indexed annuity product series with "Look Back" indexed accounts

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The Phoenix Companies, Inc., Hartford, Conn., has introduced Phoenix Reflections Bonus 10, Phoenix Reflections 10, and Phoenix Reflections 7. All products in the series are single-premium fixed indexed annuities that feature three optional guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefit riders, guaranteed principal protection, and a 10- or 7-year surrender charge schedule (depending on the product version).

In addition, Phoenix Reflections Bonus 10 provides an upfront 5% premium bonus. The new series is particularly suited for retirement planning as it provides consumers with the potential for increased earnings while protecting against downside risk, something that may not be available with other fixed income investments.

Phoenix Reflections offers customers a choice of five accounts: Three indexed accounts with earnings based on a point-to-point crediting method; one indexed account with earnings based on a performance trigger crediting method; and a fixed account that credits interest daily at a specified rate guaranteed for one year. Additional specifics on the indexed accounts are as follows:

  • The S&P point-to-point indexed account provides annual credits to the customer equal to the positive 1-year return of the S&P 500, up to a specified cap.
  • The other two point-to-point indexed accounts are “Look Back” options. These accounts provide annual credits to the customer based on the weighted average 1-year return of three measuring indices linked to domestic and global markets, up to a specified cap. The index with the best performance over the period is weighted 50%, whereas the worst performing index is weighted only 20%; the second best performing index is weighted at 30 %. Since no one index performs best every year, these accounts take the guesswork out of deciding which index will perform best in a given year.
  • The performance trigger indexed account is also tied to the performance of the S&P 500 but is different from the point-to-point method in that it provides a pre-determined index credit if the 1-year S&P 500 return is positive.

Phoenix Reflections also features three optional guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefit riders for customers interested in purchasing additional income protection. Each guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefit rider offers a unique feature that allows the product to be tailored to each consumer’s particular income requirement. They include:

  • “Income 25,” which provides a bonus to the initial benefit base equal to 25% of the account value (including any premium bonus, if applicable) at issue.
  • “Income Plus,” which provides a guaranteed minimum 8% compound increase to the benefit base for the first 10 years or until the first withdrawal, whichever occurs first.
  • “Income Max,” which provides relatively higher withdrawal percentages than other riders.

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