Fidelity Investments has cut fees at the 529 college savings plans it manages for 5 states.

Fidelity, Boston, says it has reduced program management fees from one-third to one-half at all 7 of its directly sold and advisor-sold plans.

For plans sold directly to investors by the states of New Hampshire, California, Massachusetts, Delaware and Arizona, Fidelity has cut program management fees by 0.15% for index portfolios and by 0.10% for active portfolios. Total index portfolio fees for directly sold plans now range from 0.25% to 0.35% of plan assets, according to Fidelity, while total actively managed portfolio fees now range from 0.59% to 1.04% of plan assets.

For Fidelity advisor-sold plans offered by New Hampshire and California, the company has cut program fees by a third, with total fees now ranging from 0.84% to 1.48% of plan assets.

Fidelity also has announced changes in its 529 plan investment options, including international equity options. In addition, the company has tweaked allocation strategies for each plan’s age-based portfolios, which automatically move 529 plan accounts into more conservative investments as beneficiaries approach college age.