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Senior alert: robots in their future

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GeckoSystems, a robotics company within the Mobile Service Robot (MSR) industry, have announced the first-ever limited in-home trials for their home care robot, CareBot.

“In the near future, as we progress with our in home personal companion robot evaluation trials, we will be reporting on the social interaction responses of the care receiver –and the care giver– to this new type of fully autonomous in home medical monitoring system,” remarked Martin Spencer, President/CEO, GeckoSystems

According to GeckoSystems’ Web site, the purpose of CareBot is postpone or eliminate the trauma caused by the loneliness that can be endured by seniors residing in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. CareBot is capable of calling for help if needed and providing verbal reminders to take medication or of upcoming family visits or television shows. GeckoSystems hopes the robot will provide both care givers and care receivers more freedom for a longer period of time without sacrificing confidence in the level of care being given.

Reflecting on the impact of CareBot, Spencer added, “Now we begin proving our long held belief that personal companion mobile robots, like the CareBot, can help tens of thousands of families take better care of their loved ones while saving significant monies.”

The fully autonomous mobile robot is made from steel, aluminum, plastic and electronics, and features microprocessors and onboard computers with artificial intelligence (AI) software programs responsible for maneuvering and handling, verbal interaction, and maintaining proximity to the care receiver. Additionally, CareBot is an internet appliance and is accessible for remote video and audio monitoring.

For more information on CareBot and to view videos of the robot, visit GeckoSystems’ Web site: