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What do you like best about your financial advisor?

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I’ve been with my advisor for almost eight years, and I liked how when I first started seeing her, every product she recommended for me she actually owned herself. She described how the different investments and types of insurance worked for her and her own family, and how they could work for me. I like that. It makes me feel more secure knowing that if it’s good enough for my advisor, it’s good enough for me.”

- Bob J., 70
Kearney, Neb.

My planner is a very nice guy. He also has credentials to prove he has a spotless record, which is very reassuring, even though I already checked him out with the Better Business Bureau, and he had several licenses that allowed him to offer advice on just about everything. Best of all, he knows it’s difficult for me to get out to his office, since I take care of my granddaughter during the day and still have to keep up with all the housework and bills. So, he drives to my house if we need to discuss anything. I wish my doctor would make house calls like that.”

- Patricia C., 62
Kansas City, Mo.

Well, since my financial advisor is my son, that’s a tricky question. The one thing I can say, and I’m not sure if it’s just because we’re family or what, but he keeps my wife and me in the loop whenever anything good – or bad – happens. And even though he’s my son, I personally think he behaves very professionally.”

- Jack W., 59
Henderson, Nev.

I’m a very picky person, so I asked all my friends who had financial plans who they would recommend. I especially wanted someone who was a Certified Financial Planner because I read that they were usually the best. When I finally chose one, it was because my friend told me he was always good about returning calls and answering questions. And it’s true – I always seem to have questions, and he’s very patient with me.”

- Lorraine L., 56
Newark, Del.