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Marketing Plans, and a Monte Carlo Webinar

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In this blog we’ll cover a couple of different topics. I’ll update you on my marketing efforts, provide information on a Webinar that you may be interested in attending, and in response to reader requests, I’ll share my credentials with you.


On the marketing front, I had 2,000 postcards printed which I plan to mail to selected groups of individuals. These postcards were designed by a local graphic artist and contain sufficient “white space” for my message. The mailings will be divided into two categories. One is branding and the other is a call to action. Let’s talk about the branding category. I have created a list of differentiating factors concerning my business. Each mailing will contain a different factor along with a very brief bio and possibly a small picture. These will be mailed out on a predetermined schedule, perhaps every two to three weeks. Let’s say there are four main factors. Depending on the mailing rotation I choose it should take six to eight weeks to complete the process. I will probably repeat this process two to four times to allow ample opportunity for it to be seen. This type of mailing is for the purpose of getting my name out.

Now let’s discuss the other category of mailings. This type of mailing, a call to action, is to create more immediate responses from the recipients. An announcement of a seminar or other special event would fall under this definition.


One of my differentiating factors is my proprietary financial planning tool. Earlier this year I was invited to speak at an annual conference for a division of Oracle in Denver. I did this in May, speaking on this planning tool. It went very well and they’ve asked me to conduct a Webinar on it. The Webinar will be this Wednesday, September 19 at 10:00 AM CST. If you are interested in attending, you can register here. I should last about an hour, including a time for Q&A.


I’ve received several e-mails from individuals following my blog and reading my articles. One advisor in particular suggested that I cite my credentials so readers would have a better idea of my background. I remember many years ago being new in the business and wanting to inform every prospective new client of this. Today I simply give them a bio and we rarely discuss it. The designations I hold include; Certified Financial Planner, Accredited Estate Planner, Board Certified Estate Planner, and Certified Tax Specialist.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.