As a growing number of online schemes try to con investors into giving away their money, the Alliance for Investor Education released a list of 11 education resources designed to give investors a leg up on avoiding financial fraud and abuse.

“Investment fraud seems to be more prevalent today as a result of the ease of access to consumers that con artists have via the Internet,” said Alliance for Investor Education President Michael D. Jones, in a statement. Jones also serves as senior executive vice president and chief administrative officer for the NASD.

The collection of resources, entitled “Investment Fraud and Abuse: What You Need to Know” is available at:

This new section of the AIE Web site features the following investor-fraud education resources:

“Unlucky 13″ Traps for Investors, North American Securities Administrators



How Seniors Can Avoid Financial Abuse ?? 1/2 Securities and Exchange


Spam Stock Tips ?? 1/2 National Association of Securities Dealers:

If You Are a Victim of Fraud ?? 1/2 ?? 1/2 Securities Industry Association/Path to


Outrageous Ad Claims ?? 1/2 American Association of Individual Investors:


12 Common Mistakes Investors Makes, Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)


Investment Swindles: How to Spot and Avoid Them – National FuturesAssociation:

Getting Help With Your Investments, Investor Protection Trust:

Schemes Targeting Hispanics ?? 1/2 Federal Trade Commission:

What You Should Know: Investor Protection Resources ?? 1/2 The Bond Market