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2005-06-16T18:45:40Z 2005-06-16T18:47:01Z nuco 10.3501 Non-qualified Deferred Compensation Plan Eligibility by Position Level [Note: Percentages should be represented as horizontal bars in 2 charts] Presidents and CEOs 0.87 Board of Directors 0.39 Executive & Senior Vice Presidents 0.87 Vice Presidents 0.76 Division or Unit Managers 0.33 Highly Compensated Sales Personnel 0.26 SERP Eligibility by Position Level Presidents and CEOs 0.8 Board of Directors 0.04 Executive Vice Presidents 0.73 Senior Vice Presidents 0.69 Vice Presidents 0.47 Division or Unit Managers 0.13 Highly Compensated Sales Personnel 0.14 Source: “Executive Benefits: A Survey of Current Trends,” Clark Consulting, December, 2004. 600 600 6 3 28 False False False False False False