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Evaluating a Test or Publisher

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Ask the following questions of anyone who proposes to sell your organization a program for pre-employment testing, or assessment for personal development.

  1. Has your test been reviewed in Buros’s Mental Measurement Yearbook?
  2. Is your test supported by a test manual that is organized according to the standards outlined in the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures?
  3. Can you provide a technical report containing a competent validity study (as defined by the Uniform Guidelines) using your test in a real organization?
  4. Can you provide a summary of validation results for jobs similar to the one under consideration?
  5. Can you describe the standardized validation process that you follow before implementing your test for selection in an organization?
  6. How do you establish cut scores for selection purposes?
  7. Can you describe the process that your organization follows for systematically evaluating the performance of your test?
  8. Does your company maintain a research archive that can be accessed to confirm the results of individual validity studies?
  9. What is your company’s policy for supporting clients in the event of a legal challenge to the use of the test?
  10. Has your company been involved in any legal challenges of the test, and if so, what was the outcome?

Source: Hogan Assessment Systems