The mutual funds (all at least three years old) that posted the highest returns within the 12 S&P categories in 2003.

Category Fund Return in ’03 Return in ’02 No. of funds in category 3-year percentile

  • Growth Apex Mid Cap Growth BMCGX165.28%-42.40%5401
  • Value Dreyfus Gr & Val:Sm Val DSCVX86.58-41.2540217
  • Blend ProFunds: UltraSml/Inv UAPIX100.52-44.354038
  • Balanced Green Century Balanced GCBLX64.03-37.072289
  • Equity International Tocqueville Intl Value TIVFX53.721.568631
  • Equity Sector Alpine Intl Real Est Eq/Y EGLRX55.126.171503
  • Txfr Bd Fed Muni General Eaton Vance Natl Muni/I EIHMX9.4611.222431
  • Convertibles ACM Convertible SEC CNCVX45.92-29.7710499
  • Tx Bd Corp Bond General Loomis Sayles Fixed Income LSFIX30.1511.524151
  • Tx Bd Corp High Yield Loomis Sayles Instl Hi Inc LSHIX48.01-0.204152
  • Tx Bd USA Govt General PIMCO: Real Return Bd/Inst PRRIX8.5017.061121
  • Tx Bd Global General Merrill World Income/I MAWIX36.09-2.6522122

Source: Standard & Poor’s; data as of December 31, 2003