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Security Products Debut At NY Expo

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New York

As agents and brokers struggle to keep up with the latest in technology, a wide range of vendors gathered here to offer security solutions aimed at protecting technology investments.

Security technology products ranging from protective software to a password-driven hard drive were on display at the InfoSecurity conference held here last month.

Several of those products are highlighted below:

Panda Software rolled out its new Panda Antivirus Platinum 7.0 software, claiming it includes “the very latest in antivirus and firewall technologies.”

In addition to eliminating all types of viruses and malicious code, Platinum 7.0 performs daily automatic updates when the user is connected to the Internet, said Glendale, Calif.-based Panda.

The software includes firewall technology that provides “complete security against one of the biggest threats on the Internet: hackers,” the company stated.

Other features of the new software include: the ability to scan and disinfect all incoming and outgoing e-mail; wizards to aid in antivirus and firewall configuration; integration with Microsoft Windows Explorer, Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes; and scanning of network files and data transferred from computers to personal digital assistants, said Panda.

The new software also features The Virus Hospital, “a secure area where suspicious files containing viruses are held before being scanned in the next update,” the company explained.

“You dont have to be an expert to use this product,” said a Panda spokesman during the conference. He added that the product is priced at $69.95 for a single-user license.

Platinum 7.0 is backed by e-mail technical support, and users benefit from Pandas international virus warnings network, the company added.

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Endeavors Technology announced Magi Secure IM for Yahoo! Messenger, the latest in a suite of instant messaging products aimed at providing companies with “secure, auditable IM mechanisms.”

The new product routes instant messages through a communications proxy that can later be audited for security purposes, said Irvine, Calif.-based Endeavors. It allows companies “for the first time, to gain control over employee messaging and chat sessions.”

“Customers and industry organizations today demand that instant messaging be enterprise-ready and interoperable, while regulators like the SEC are stipulating security and audit requirements for legal IM transactions,” explained Bernard Hulme, CEO of Endeavors.

The company also makes IM products for the MSN and AOL platforms.

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Stonewood Electronics introduced FlagStone, a hardware device that consists of a fully encrypted hard disk drive and an “on the fly” hardware encryptor packaged in a tamper-resistant and tamper-evident case.

According to Wareham, U.K.-based Stonewood, the device requires no special operating system or application software to function. As the password is entered when the computer is booted up, prior to initializing the operating system, FlagStone prevents attack from any malicious code introduced onto the hard disk drive.

“Without your password, the hard drive is rendered useless,” said Stonewood. This makes it “virtually impossible for anyone to access information from lost or stolen laptops or PCs.”

Unlike software security solutions, FlagStone ensures that all data, including the operating system, are encrypted and ensures that the encryption key is never accessible via the host computer, the company noted. “It can be used on any operating system, requires no upgrades or patches, is maintenance free, and there is no performance degradation.”

The device also automatically shuts down if there is a power outage, said Stonewood.

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