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Use Technology To Keep Clients Connected To You

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Use Technology To Keep Clients Connected To You


Lets face itwe are paid to bring new people in the door. We love it when we get a new client; after all, its new money! Unfortunately, we often forget about these new clients as soon as the commission check clears.

Most of us have had clients that have left us within a year for one reason or another. At the same time, we also have clients that are willing to “lay on the tracks” for us. Whats the difference? Communication, its all about communication.

Consider this, how many of your clients purchased financial products–products that you sell–before they met you? I would venture to say all of them have. How many of your clients will purchase financial products in the future? Once again, there’s a good chance most of them will. Since you’ve already got them as a client this is great news for you.

Last question. How many of your clients will buy these products from somebody else? Unfortunately the answer to this question depends largely on how well you communicate with them.

Its probably unrealistic to believe that you will never lose a client to the competition, however there are a few simple communication guidelines that you can follow to ensure that you are doing your job in keeping your clients happy–as well as keeping them from spending money with the advisor next door.

Make them feel like you remember them. This is easier said than done. Communicating with all of your clients can be a real intimidating task without the use of some software applications or client management tools that make communicating with the masses personal.

Each piece of correspondence needs to make your clients feel like you composed it specifically for them. Birthday greetings and holiday cards are great ways to let your clients know that you are thinking about them. Technology, and particularly e-mail, makes this something that you can automate. There are several software applications and consulting services out there to help you use this technology to your benefit.

Provide them with useful information. A lot can be accomplished by simply making contactregardless of the content of the correspondence. But if you provide your clients with information that makes them feel as if you truly are their advisor, it goes a long way in controlling their desire to look to others for advice.

Sending your clients periodic investment updates or planning conceptseven of a general natureadds value to your relationship with them.

The Internet provides all of us with the ability to do research with the click of a mouse. Spend some time at your favorite Web sites on a regular basis looking for information you feel will be useful to your customers.

Be consistent. Once you start communicating with your clients, the correspondence needs to keep coming. An automated system can make this much simpler. If you have the ability to put your system on “cruise control” you dont have to remember, for example, to send Jim Smith a birthday greeting tomorrow.

You can also schedule some time each week or each month to pull together the information you want to send out. This allows you to send current news or updates in a timely fashion, making the information more useful to your client upon receipt.

Start using e-mail! Eventually your practice will be too big to continue using traditional methods of communication. E-mail has evolved from something that was “fun to do” a few years ago to a tool that most people cannot live without.

Start asking your clients and prospects for their e-mail address during fact-finding interviews and annual reviews. If you start today, over time you will build a significant database of names that you can market to in the future.

If you let todays technology help you work these important items into your current communication practices, you will notice an increase in the amount of word-of-mouth advertising coming from your clients.

You will also see an increase in the number and quality of referrals you generate. Applying these principles to your practice will assist you in keeping your clients for life.

is vice president of development for Romni, Layton, Utah. Romni is an e-mail based communication and marketing system for sales professionals. He can be reached via e-mail at [email protected]

Reproduced from National Underwriter Life & Health/Financial Services Edition, January 7, 2002. Copyright 2002 by The National Underwriter Company in the serial publication. All rights reserved.Copyright in this article as an independent work may be held by the author.

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