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Carlisle Sets Up Two Roman Catholic Stock Indices

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NU Online News Service, June 6, 2:35 p.m. – Carlisle Social Investments L.L.C., Kennewick, Wash., has set up two new market indices for investors who want to invest according to the principles set forth in 1991 by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops and U.S. Catholic Conference.

One index, the Carlisle Catholic U.S. Market Index, is based on the Russell 3000 and the S&P 1500 indices.

The second index, the Carlisle Catholic Small Cap Index, is based on the Russell 2000 and S&P 600 indices.

The National Conference investment guidelines are based on the principles that companies should do no harm; do good; and ensure active corporate participation.

The guidelines discourage investments in companies involved with abortion, contraception, gender discrimination, racial discrimination and military spending. The guidelines encourage investments in affordable housing banks.

Carlisle is using its indices to manage funds for institutions and individuals. Its minimum account size is $1 million.

Although the indices are based on Roman Catholic investment guidelines, they may also appeal to non-Catholic investors who share the same investment philosophy, Carlisle says.