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Resources From American Portfolios

  • Modifying Investor Behavior: How Advisors Can Protect Clients From Their Worst Instincts

    Get three key strategies to help keep clients from harming their own financial futures. READ MORE ›

  • Selling Your Practice: Determining the Value of Your Practice, Increasing its Value and Putting a Plan in Place

    Don’t leave your clients and employees high and dry-- start planning for the future of your practice now. READ MORE ›

  • Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Responding to an Altered Tax Landscape

    The tax reform bill passed at the end of 2017 means big changes. Learn the ins-and-outs from this comprehensive guide to help your clients navigate the changes. READ MORE ›

  • SEC Escalates Need for Succession and Business Continuity Plans

    Having a succession plan and ensuring the continuity of business--not only for the advisor, but for the clients they are charged with protecting--is an integral aspect in business of any kind. READ MORE ›

  • Why Video Trumps Text

    As an investment professional, video marketing can be a very powerful tool that you can utilize to enhance your practice. READ MORE ›

  • Millennials: Successfully Tapping into the Future of Your Practice

    Millennials are the future of your practice; both as clients and employees. Understand how they think to capture them as clients, attract them as employees and retain them as firm succession plans. READ MORE ›

  • 13 Tips to Keep Your Marketing Plan Afloat

    Reviewing this paper and incorporating the steps included into your 2018 marketing plan will enable you to be effective and take advantage of the huge swells soon to come. READ MORE ›

  • Successful Ways to Mentor the Millennials

    Secure the future of your business with customers from the largest generation in history. READ MORE ›

  • Activate Your Variable Annuity Business

    Variable annuities are simplifying, bringing new opportunities to grow your business. Take a quick dive into recent product evolutions and how to identify the best clients to engage for conversation. READ MORE ›

  • Nine Reasons for Becoming a Fee-Based Advisor

    Consider the benefits of converting to a fee-based model, along with comparing it to a commission structure. READ MORE ›

  • Practicing What We Preach with a Business Plan

    Download this complimentary White Paper to learn the 7 key considerations that will transform your business. READ MORE ›

  • Marketing to the Affluent Baby Boomer

    Build your practice focusing on managing risk and solving for the four common dreams shared by the affluent baby boomers. READ MORE ›

  • A Perfect Union: Harmony Among Generations is the Best Approach

    Learn about the challenges and benefits of Baby Boomers and Millennials working together. Find solutions on how these generations can come together to best serve clients as the industry evolves. READ MORE ›

  • A Guide to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Investing

    ESG Investing is growing substantially as Millennial investors fuel demand for products. This guide outlines ESG history, portfolio opportunities and why ESG is positioned for massive growth. READ MORE ›

  • Tips to Improve Your Cyber-Strength

    Solidify your cyber-strength with layered cybersecurity. Learn about password management systems and how combining them with two-factor authentication helps keep your online accounts safe. READ MORE ›


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