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Changing the Buying Process for Life Insurance

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What You Need to Know

  • The author tried to buy life insurance for his family online.
  • The online form led to a one-hour, in-office interview.
  • Getting coverage in place took 10 weeks.

Ten minutes instead of 10 weeks? That was when I realized we needed life insurance platforms built for the 21st-century family.

When I became a dad, I tried to buy life insurance online. I filled out the form on an insurance company’s website, and instead of simply paying for it in a couple of minutes, I had to meet with an insurance agent for an hour at his office. I filled out a 15-page paper questionnaire. Two more meetings followed. It took weeks for me to get any real pricing, and the agent relentlessly up-sold me complicated products I didn’t ask for or need. All told, it took ten weeks to get coverage.

I had never tried so hard to buy a product. I hung in there only because it was the right thing to do for my family. After all, for life insurance to work, you have to get it. Wouldn’t more people protect their families if they could obtain a policy more seamlessly and affordably? This experience led me to found Fabric.

Parents today want to plan for their financial future in a digitally sophisticated way, which requires reshaping the life insurance industry. The insurance sales process should be digital and instant, and meet the needs of today’s modern family.

The idea that led me to start to reshape the insurance industry was simple: helping parents protect their family’s future with a fresh, innovative offering built from the ground up. That means turning a complicated and time-consuming process into something you can do in a few minutes on your couch.

Adam ErlebacherAdam Erlebacher is the co-founder and CEO of Fabric.