Trump's 'tri agency team' — Steven Mnuchin, Alexander Acosta, and Alex Azar II — has many ideas for fixing the U.S. health care system. Here are the top 7....

7. Claims Data

The administration and states should develop better claims data reporting systems, and a standard claims data reporting format, so everyone can see what's happening.

6. Electronic Health Records

The federal government should improve health records standards, and create a standard that lets patients get records through their phones.

5. Provider Supply

Federal agencies should keep an eye on provider consolidation, and on state restrictions on what providers can do.

4. Telehealth

States should promote telehealth services use, by developing multistate telehealth provider licensure compacts.


3. Price Transparency

Congress and federal agencies should give providers more incentives to compete based on price.

2. Health Accounts

Congress should make it easier for health savings accounts to cover preventive care, and for consumers to use HSA with cheap coverage.

1. Affordable Care Act

Congress should remedy ACA problems, and work to repeal the ACA employer coverage mandate.

The administration of President Donald Trump is still trying to come up with ideas for improving the way the current U.S. health care system works — and, possibly, for countering any new single-payer health care system proposals Democrats in the House might propose in the next Congress.

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Trump’s “tri agency” team today posted a 119-page report full of ideas for making the health care system work better and cost less. The report includes 12 pages of recommendations.

The tri agency team consists of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta, and Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar II.

Many of the “recommendations” are general in nature, and many have been around for decades. The Trump administrations is facing many distractions. Acosta has been facing questions about a plea deal he negotiated in a case that involved allegations of child molestation.

But the report could still help frame debates that will eventually have major, possibly unexpected effects on financial professionals and their clients for years to come.

A link to a copy of the full report is available here.

For a quick look at seven tri agency team recommendations that could have the biggest impact on the commercial health insurance market, see the idea cards in the slideshow above.

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