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10 reasons to have a business card

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I can’t tell you how many events I’ve attended where financial advisors don’t come prepared with their business card. Don’t they know that business cards breed business? I had this debate with a room full of financial advisors last week. Maybe it’s a thing.

But if you attend events, how are you going to win that raffle? Or convince those you meet that you didn’t come to the event unprepared? Or that you’re not playing some Jedi mind trick where you want to collect cards from others and not be prepared to give yours (What’s up with that?)?

All I know is, whenever I’m out and about and someone asks me for a business card, and I don’t have one (happened to me the other day!), I feel like a dope. It’s got to be worse if you’re at an actual event where it’s expected to exchange business cards. Kind of like showing up to the airport without your license. (Of course, it might not be like that at all.)

I know, I know.

Our phones, watches, sunglasses, socks and pens are all capable of helping us exchange contact information at the speed of Snapchat. I get it!

Funny, I recently spoke at an event for a software company and the sales producers had business cards with them (I asked them!). Maybe they didn’t own cell phones. 

Here’s the dealio. When it comes to networking, if you don’t have a good enough connection with those you meet, you’ll never get into their phones in the first place. Moreso if you’re a financial advisor or any sales producer that comes on too strong.

Here are 10 reasons you should have a business card:

1. It tells people your name and the name of your business.

2. It provides all of your contact information (including cell phone and social media tags). 

3. It lets people know what you do and, in some cases, for whom.

4. It helps brand you and may give others an idea about your style and personality.

5. It can tell others that you’re resourceful, creative and professional.

6. It can be memorable given the color, size, card stock, graphics and overall look.

7. It presents a consistent message to those that have it, whether they got it from you or not.

8. It works as soon as you hand it to someone (provided it’s for the right reasons at the right time).

9. It is very portable as you can keep a stack in your pocket, purse, gym bag, wallet or wherever.

10. It is the most cost effective promotional device you can own.

The reality is your business card may be the best way to help you make that connection through your follow-up call, email or text to take that next step.

It’s in the cards! And that may never change.

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