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What’s your pitch?

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You step into an elevator and find your ideal client standing right in front of you.

You have 30 to 60 seconds to convince this person to meet with you at a later date to discuss your innovative, problem-solving insurance solutions. Do you fumble? Or is your pitch teed up and ready to go?

Here are the five key elements you need for your homerun elevator pitch. Can you answer these questions?


What challenges do your agency, product and service solve?

Value proposition

How does your solution deliver better results to your clients?


What can you say to demonstrate you’re a leading authority in your field?


What are the three ways your service or solution is different from your ideal client’s current agency or broker? How are you superior?

Call to action

What’s the desired outcome of your pitch? Do you want a web meeting, conference call, on-site visit or quotation opportunity?

Remember, for a prospect to have faith in you, you must emphatically believe in your pitch. Endeavor to communicate your passion for what you do. And before you step into another elevator, make sure you’ve got the answers to these important questions at the ready.

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