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Are all buyers liars?

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Recently, a colleague of mine asked, “Wendy, is it true that all buyers are liars?” Many sales professionals certainly believe this to be true. By simple logic, however, this statement cannot possibly be true. While it’s true that some buyers may be liars, they cannot all be liars.

More important, the mindset that every prospect is lying to you is not one that supports you. And, it’s not a belief that will help you become successful. Instead, it’s depressing and demoralizing and keeps you from asking the questions you need to ask to clarify your prospects’ needs. If they’re all lying to you, why bother?

A prospecting call is an interruption. Sadly, our prospects are not all sitting by the phone waiting for our calls. They’re busy doing something else. In addition, a prospecting call is an introduction. Once you introduce yourself to a new prospect, it takes some time to win trust and build a relationship. At the beginning of your relationship, your prospect may not tell you everything, which is a very natural and human thing to do.

My recommendation is to remain neutral — no jumping to conclusions, no mind-reading and no assumptions about what the prospect is “really thinking.” Instead, I recommend you listen to what the prospect has to say and then ask relevant questions. 

Buyers aren’t liars; they’re just human.