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Hearsay Social’s New Curated Content Tool Moves Beyond Finance

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Hearsay Social has launched a tool to give advisors access to more content that they can share with clients more easily and quickly online.

Curated Content Channels are designed to automate the collection of preapproved content, so advisors and other financial professionals can get “the right content, at the right time, to share with their clients and prospects on social media,” according to the San Francisco-based company.

“Financial advisors want to build social media presence with content that truly reflects who they are — rather than using automated financial content that doesn’t reflect their personality and who they really are,” said Ron Piovesan, vice president of business development, in an interview with ThinkAdvisor. “Consumers want to work with a person first and an advisor second and to connect personally with someone. Content is one of the best ways to create a personable image on social media.”

Hearsay Social suggests advisors follow an “80/20” rule when sharing content via social networks: 80% of this content should be nonfinancial in nature – to help create “an authentic, engaging social personality and brand for the advisor;” 20% can be financially focused content that gives valuable information to clients and prospects.

(A number of Hearsay staffers and CEO Clara Shih are ThinkAdvisor contributors.)

The new technology allows advisors to search through a library of stories on everything from lifestyle topics to sports news. These articles come from “vetted sources including news and magazine websites, high-quality blogs, video feeds and podcasts,” according to Hearsay Social. “With Curated Content Channels, Hearsay Social now delivers our customers just the most relevant, timely content on their selected topics, filtered from thousands of sources,” Piovesan explained.

For instance, if an advisor enjoys gardening, they can share news about the hobby. “Even if an advisor isn’t good at [a hobby or sport], this is a way to create a personal image and to get people to know you and to trust you,” he stated. “Then, you complement this [news] with financial content to reflect your knowledge of the industry and expertise.”

The tool isn’t just about marketing via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, the Hearsay Social executive says.

“It also “saves the broker-dealer a considerable amount of time they have to spend to find content,” said Piovesan. “And it saves the advisor time, because now he or she can have a one-stop shop rather than having to spend time reading and getting pieces ready to distribute.”

Some of Hearsay Social’s broker-dealer clients say the new tool delivers on its promises.

“Curated Content Channels from Hearsay Social make it possible for us to easily deliver tailored and flexible compliance-approved content on a daily basis to our advisors in order to help them to build a more active social presence,” said Ruth Papazian, chief marketing officer and head of business development at HD Vest Financial Services, in a statement. “With content automatically curated in the Hearsay Social Content Library, I can focus on running our program instead of creating or searching for relevant content to share with the field.”

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