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Don’t be Sony! Secure your communications today

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Your practice may not be as large or visible as Sony, but you are still vulnerable to hacks and stolen emails. How can you protect your communications and your clients’ sensitive information?

Peter Schaub, president and CEO of NeoCertified is our go-to subject matter expert for learning about email encryption and security solutions. In this episode, he shares his extensive experience developing tools and techniques to help advisors shape this most important shift. According to Peter, there are some simple yet effective steps you can implement today.

You will learn about all aspects of secure email, how it works and why benefit advisors should use it. We also discuss what we can learn from other industries and what the government requires of practitioners. Learn how to create a differentiator and raise your level of service when prospects and clients know that their emailed information is secure. (Sponsored by MiEdge)

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