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Turmoil is the new normal

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Ever wonder why prospects don’t respond immediately to your emails, calls or requests for meetings? There is really only one reason. They have more important stuff to deal with every day. And it’s more important than your solution.

Yes, your product, service or solution may well be the best thing since sliced bread, but it’s highly likely your prospects have other, more pressing issues to deal with. Allow me to share two recent examples.

A few weeks ago, I spoke with a prospect about obtaining some training for his team. He and his colleague were very interested in exploring the idea. However, after I sent a proposal, it was several weeks before he responded (and then, only after I sent a follow-up email). He said, “You can imagine the workload lately is certainly not slight, so please forgive us if we don’t respond right away!”

The second example is a personal one. A family member recently experienced a serious medical issue, which made it difficult for me to concentrate on work, so I postponed calls, a few meetings and even declined some work, because I really needed to deal with the situation.

Turmoil has always been an issue in the business world. But in today’s climate, it has become even more prevalent. Turmoil, change and uncertainty have become the new normal.

I will go on record as saying that virtually every one of your prospects has more pressing issues to deal with than the implementation your solution. Rather than getting frustrated, adapt. Try to look at things through their eyes.

Be patient. Find ways to stay in contact. And don’t give up. If you can find creative ways to keep your name in your prospects’ minds and empathize with their situations, you will stand in sharp contrast to your competition. And, eventually, you’ll earn their business.

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