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Do you know what the average insurance agent makes? You might be surprised

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Earlier this week, Business Insider posted a chart showing the average wage for just about every job in America. Based on publicly-available information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the chart ranked everything from anesthesiologists to fast food cooks, based on how much each profession pays.

It was, suffice it to say, a very, very long list, not surprisingly with various medical fields at the top and a number of service jobs at the bottom.

Insurance agents, it turns out, don’t rank as highly as might have been expected, coming in at $63,600 on average, just above front-line supervising mechanics and purchasing agents but below cost estimators. Underwriters fared a bit better, at $70,100 on average.

Sure, it isn’t podiatrist money ($135,100), but it is a solid and honorable living in this economy, especially given the fact that the median U.S. income was $51,017 as of 2013. And career choice is about more than just money, after all.