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At a recent sales training workshop, I watched two participants interacting.

One of them sold promotional products (“Jack”) and the other taught yoga and lifestyle wellness (“Alice”).

When Alice expressed interest in his products, Jack began blathering on about his business. He handed Alice a brochure and—15 minutes later—a full catalogue of his products.

At the end of the conversation, Alice said, “Give me a call sometime.” Jack said, “Sure,” and struck up a conversation with another person sitting at his table.

Inwardly, I groaned. Can you guess why?

Not only had Jack failed to ask Alice a single question about her business or how she might use his promotional products, he also missed a golden opportunity to immediately schedule a day and time for that follow-up conversation.

I couldn’t help myself—I leaned over and said to Jack, “Why not schedule an appointment with her right now since you’re both here with your smartphones and calendars.”

Jack smiled and nodded but took no action. A perfect opportunity tragically wasted!

Being a successful salesperson means being ready to seize every sales opportunity. When someone expresses interest in your product, service or solution, don’t wait to schedule a meeting—book it right away.

Seize that opportunity; you may not get another one.

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