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Walt Disney's secret to success

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Walt Disney called the process of giving added value “plussing.” His idea was to add value to a trip to a Disney theme park, a movie or anything else Disney produced. This extra value did not directly add money to Disney’s coffers. It simply made the experience of going to a Disney function even more enjoyable.

The prospect of giving added value in any business, including insurance, is something worth looking into. In this way clients won’t have to duck into a bathroom or engage in idle banter just to get away from a sales pitch they think is coming. Finding ways to give extra value in a business is a sure way to lock up clients for years to come. When they know it’s not all about sales and selling, they are much more willing to become clients and customers.

So, how does one go about adding value for a client? What kind of magic must one perform to win over a person or family for life? A few simple but powerful strategies are listed below. As long as you are natural and sincere these ideas can work magic on current and future clients.

  • Find a niche “plus” for the business. Price LeBlanc, a mega car salesman in Louisiana, used to give away country sausage to everyone who bought a vehicle from him. Find a great niche, and stick with it.
  • Check out the refrigerator door when you are in someone’s home. Children and grandchildren usually fill it with pictures and drawings. Learn about these kids. If one is in Little League think about sponsoring the team. Does one have a school trip coming up? Donate money for lunch on the trip or sponsor the entire trip. Give the client something to remember the business by not dealing with the company.
  • Pay attention to what a person is passionate about. Does a client love to garden? Purchase a rare and colorful Old English rose for their garden. Does another have a book collection? Find a favorite or special book for them. The customer will understand they are valued for more than just their money. 
  • Why market a business to one couple or family at a time? Gather up several couples or families, and give a presentation to all of them. Feed them a meal. Give out door prizes. Get them to come out with family, friends and neighbors to be exposed to the business.
  • Give a meaningful gift when business is done. For example, say you just sold a couple of large insurance policies to a couple. As they sign their names on the policy present each of them with a nice pen. Each time they use their pens after that they will remember their purchase.

Adding value for a client is a great way to lock in that person’s business for life. Doing it in a way that does not add to the bottom line of a business shows the client that they are valued as both a client and a friend. So, whether you choose to give away country sausage or ink pens, add a little extra to a client’s experience and lock in their business for a long time — maybe even for life.

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