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Neasham case review: Is this California or Russia?

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Recently, news broke that the Appellate Court reversed the Glenn Neasham conviction of committing theft from an elder. And then, the California Attorney General office requested the state’s Supreme Court review the Appellate Court’s decision.

Is this California or Russia? Actually, it would be welcomed news if the Supreme Court would review this case and give a nice lesson to the AG office, which is having difficulty, apparently, determining what is a crime. It would be even better to have an independent review of the entire case.

California: The land of fruit and nuts

The California AG office may have had some incredibly bad decisions in other criminal areas. For example, the three-strikes law, a horrible jurisdiction according to many commentators. The AG office must have forgotten:

  • The U.S. Supreme Court decision Brown v. Plata (2011), which states that overcrowded prison conditions are in violation of the 8th Amendment.
  • That one person dies every six or seven days in California prisons due to their incompetence and overcrowding.
  • That California is under an order by the Supreme Court to reduce their prison population.
  • It costs $47,102 a year to incarcerate a prisoner according to the Legislative Analyst Office.
  • The rule is that the annuity may be sold up to age 85. That is not Neasham’s rule; that is California’s rule.
  • According to CNN, in 2011, California spent $9.6 billion on prisons and just $5.7 billion on education.
  • That the state tax rate is the highest in the United States, at 13.3 percent.

Step up to the plate

I think it is time for the insurance industry to step up to the plate and ask for a review of the Attorney General’s office in California. I smell the stink from here in Seattle. I am disappointed it was the AG office. I thought this originated by a couple of fools in Lake County who can be excused for their lack of education. I cancelled my vacation plans to Lake County, but now I am cancelling all travel to California until there is an adequate explanation for this outrageous behavior. I felt safer in Russia when I went to St. Petersburg this summer. The sad part is that the Supreme Court of California may simply deny the appeal — and it is over.

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