1. Recognize their individuality and accomplishments; be nonjudgmental (self-esteem is everything).
  2. Ask the best way to contact them, and honor their preferences.
  3. Learn how to IM (instant message).
  4. Use the latest technology.
  5. Stay current.
  6. Be up front about yourself.
  7. Be a trusted guide and counselor.
  8. Act your age.
  9. Manage your reputation, especially online and in social media.
  10. Employ positive peer “pressure,” such as testimonials.
  11. Get in front of a group of millennials.
  12. Make common causes (e.g., environmentalism, social consciousness, recycling). 
  13. Customize their financial plan uniquely for them and emphasize this.
  14. Don’t use hard-sell tactics; take time to build trust.
  15. Offer freebies.

Adapted from “The Gen-Savvy Financial Advisor: Advising the Generations in the New Age of Uncertainty” by Cam Marston. Used with permission.

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