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11 signs your deal is dead in the water

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Very few of the salespeople I have encountered enjoying walking away from a deal. As a result, they end up working a languishing deal until it has completely fallen apart (and they have wasted a lot of valuable time).

Here are 11 warning signs it might be time to walk away from a deal:

  1. Your prospect gives you excuses such as “We haven’t got to it yet,” “We’re still considering your proposal” or “We’re still thinking about it.”
  2. Your prospect keeps telling you that he/she is the decision maker while refusing to make a decision.
  3. Your key contact no longer responds to your emails or voicemail messages.
  4. The company starts making unrealistic demands for discounts or other concessions.
  5. Your prospect refuses to engage in a meaningful dialogue early in the sales process and demands a quote or price sheet instead.
  6. You cannot speak directly with the person who will ultimately sign off on the deal.
  7. Your prospect keeps reducing the size and scope of his/her commitment.
  8. Your prospect refuses to commit to any next steps.
  9. The company expects you to compete and submit proposals.
  10. Someone at the prospect’s company begins behaving in an unethical manner.
  11. Your champion has limited influence within his/her company.

It’s never easy to walk away from a sale, especially if you have invested a significant amount of time on it. However, doing so can free up time to work on deals that have a higher likelihood of maturing to fruition.